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Goa that was liberated on nineteenth December 1961 along with Daman and Diu from 451 years Portuguese Colonial Rule, became the twenty-fifth State of the Indian Union once it absolutely was bestowedStatehood on 30th May 1987. The State of province encompasses an assembly with a strength of forty electoral members. Besides, the province has 3 electoral representatives within the Central Parliament. The Governor is that the Head of the State and is suggested by a Council of Ministers headed by Chief Minister. Panaji, a little picturesque city in the vicinity of stream Mandovi, is that the seat of the State Administration. However, for body functions, the State has been divided into 2 districts: North province and South Goa with headquarters at Panaji and Margao severally, and 6 divisions comprising eleven Talukas. Ensconced on the slopes of the Western ghats (Sahyadri ranges) province is delimited on the North by Sindhudurg district of geographical region, on the East by Belgaum, on the South by Karwar district of Kamataka and on the West by the Arabian Sea. Its rivers, Tiracol, Chapora, Mandovi, Zuari, Sal and Talpona, that are passable throughout the year, have their origin within the Sahyadri ranges and flow westward into the Arabian Sea, 60 km. away, breaking the long coastline covering a length of 105 km. into enchanting estuaries and bays which mark off idyllic palm-fringed beaches like Arambol, Vagator, Atijuna, Baga, and Calangute in the North and Colva. Betula and Palolem in the South. Goa, a tiny emerald land on the West Coast of India, with its natural scenic beauty, attractive beaches and temples famous for its architecture, feasts, and festivals and above all hospitable folks with a fashionable cultural surrounding, has a perfect holidaymaker profile.

Places of Interest in Goa

Mapusa: it’s 13 km. from Panaji. The capital of Bardez Taluka, on the national road, is that the crossroads of the network of highways covering the whole of Northern province.

Weekly fair on Friday, is held at the electronic equipment efficient market, attended by giant crowds.

Margao: it’s thirty-three km. from Panaji. The Capital of South province District within the backcountry of the southern province in Salcete Taluka could be a thriving business metropolis connected by rail to the remainder of India & Mormugao Harbour and by national highways, with geographical region and Mysore. It has imposing previous mansions and fashionable buildings.

Mormugao Harbour: it’s 34 km. from Panaji and four Kms. from Vasco-da-Gama. it’s one among the fine natural anchorages on the geographical region of India and also the hub of intense maritime activity.

Panaji: The capital of province and headquarters of North province District, a tiny low a captivating town on the Left Bank of silvery Mandovi watercourse, with stunning red-roofed homes, inbuilt Latin vogue, conjointly boasts of the many fashionable homes, well-ordered garden, statues, and avenue’s lined with Gulmohar, Acacia, and different trees. Enchanting panorama unfolds from atop Altinho (Hill Top).

Pilar: it’s 11 km. from Panaji. it’s the necessary spiritual and academic center of Christian Missionaries. The Church, Seminary and college atop hill command a powerful panorama of the country facet around and a fine read of Mormugao Harbour & Zuari watercourse.

Vasco-da-Gama: it’s 30 km. from Panaji. A modem, well ordered out town on the brink of Mormugs Harbour, has stunning and intensive avenues. The air terminus of the province at Dabolim lies on the outskirts of the town. it’s conjointly the railway terminus for rider service within the South Central Railway.

Beaches in province

Beaches in the province being a well-liked resort hotel, the tiny homes amidst the coconut groves behind the beach square measure continuously in constant demand. Calangute looks to be a distortion of the native vernacular word—‘Koli-gutti’, which implies the land of fishermen. Some individuals connect it with Kalyangutti (village of art) or Konvallo-ghott (strong pit of the coconut tree) as a result of the village is filled with coconut trees. With the arrival of the Portuguese, the word most likely got distorted to Calangute and has stuck until nowadays.

Calangute Beach 

16 Kms from Panaji. is that the preferred resort in the province and called The Queen of Beaches. wonderful accommodation facilities are accessible, notably at the tourer resort and cottages. Calangute lies on the shores of the Arabian Sea of North province in the Asian nation. it’s encircled by Arpora-Nagoa, Saligao, and Candolim, within the Bardez taluka.

Being a well-liked resort, the tiny homes amidst the coconut groves behind the beach are continually in constant demand. Calangute looks to be a distortion of the native vernacular word—‘Koli-gutti’, which implies the land of fishermen. Some folks connect it with Kalyangutti (village of art) or Konvallo-ghott (strong pit of the coconut tree) as a result of the village is jam-packed with coconut trees. With the appearance of the Portuguese, the word most likely got distorted to Calangute and has stuck until these days.

Seemingly not all that way back, Calangute was the beach all self-respectful hippies headed for, particularly around Christmas once psychedelic hell stone-broke loose. If you enjoyed participating in those mass poojas, with their endless half-baked discussions concerning `when the revolution comes’ and `the vibes, maaan’, then this was simply the price ticket. you’ll frolic around while not a sew-on, be ever cool and liberated, get all out of your head on each conceivable sort of ganja from island to Tenochtitlan and completely disregard the sentiments of the native inhabitants. Naturally, rock star or The WHO were continually near to come about and provides a free concert.

Calangute’s bloom because the Mecca of all expatriate hippies has passed. The native folks, WHO accustomed to hire out rooms in their homes for payment, have stirred on to additional profitable things, and Calangute has undergone a metamorphosis to become the center of Goa’s apace increasing package-tourist market.

It isn’t one amongst the most effective Goanese beaches: there are hardly any palms, the sand is contaminated with red soil and therefore the beach drops apace into the ocean. There is, however, lots happening, particularly if you don’t mind taking part in a part during this stage-managed parody of what movement is supposed to be concerning. attempt avoiding the overwhelmed track unless you wish a small amount of R ‘n’ R to endure life on the road, or need to combine it with the Simons and Sandras of this world WHO are visiting Asian nation to peppiness up their winter suntans.

The best time of the year to go to this space is between Sep and March.

Colva Beach

About 6 km from Margao. Colva beach is that the pride of Salcete and also the solely rival to Calangute by its scenic splendor. Here, sand, ocean and sky mix in captivating natural harmony good by men. It has smart accommodation facilities, significantly at the traveler cottages.

It is the pride of Salcete and also the solely rival to Calangute in scenic splendor. Here the sea, sand and sky mix in captivating natural harmony. Colva is one of the foremost standard beaches in South Goa. The beach offers smart accommodation.

Colva stretches covered, palm-fringed and just about deserted for kilometers. 20years past precious very little disturbed its soft white sands and heat crystal-clear turquoise their waters, except the native fishers World Health Organization force their catch in my hands every morning, and also the few of a lot of brave hippies World Health Organization had desolate the obligatory medicine, sex and rock and roll of Calangute for the smoothing tranquility of this corner of paradise.

It is the most evening and weekend day-trip destination for the individuals of Margao, thus it becomes full of cars, motorbikes, scooters, and pedestrians. On the road into Colva from Margao, you pass the massive Church of Our girl of Mercy (Nossa Senhora das Merces, 1630, re-built within the eighteenth century). The sculpture of Menino Good Shepherd housed here is alleged to possess miraculous properties. Colva is inside of the longest unbroken stretch of beach (25 km) in Goa from Mormagao solid ground within the north to Cabo de avatar in the south.

A hot-season retreat for Margao’s mediocre categories since long before Independence, Colva is that the oldest and largest – of south Goa’s resorts. Its ivy-covered far videos, or wards, are pleasant enough, dotted with colonial lection of concrete hotels, memento stalls and fly-blown snack bars are strewn around a bleak central roundabout. Colva is a pleasant and convenient place to remain, swimming is comparatively safe, whereas the sand, a minimum of removed from the solid ground, is spick and scattered with stunning shells.

Dona Paula Beach

It is close to the rocky purpose between the Mandovi and also the Zuari is Dona Paula, a secluded bay with a fine read of the Marmagao harbor. This is an idyllic spot to relax and sunbathe. Water scootering facilities available. On the northern banks of the River Zuari, a little away to tie southeast of Cabo, lies a large escarpment with a bay and two small beaches which in the old days as part of Oddavel.

The Dona Paula bay is at the place wherever 2 of Goa’s noted rivers meet the sea. Named once Dona Paula First State Menezes, this place is termed the Lovers Paradise thanks to a story that has been hooked up to the current place. At the place wherever 2 of Goa’s noted rivers meet the sea is that the Dona Paula Bay. Named once Dona Paula First State Menezes, this place is termed the Lovers Paradise thanks to a story that has been hooked up to the current place.

Dona Paula takes its name from a viceroy’s female offspring United Nations agency threw herself off the geological formation, once refused permission to marry an area fisher. placed 9kms southwest of Goa’s capital, Panaji. Dona Paula divides the Zuari and Mandovi estuaries and provides pleasant views of Marmagao, the port town of the state. thanks to its proximity to the capital Panaji, Dona Paula could be a well-liked stop for the sightseeing tours. This has caused mushrooming of hotels in and around Dona Paula.

There are seafaring facilities for those that dare to venture within the waters. The official residence of the Governor of state, referred to as Cabo rule Bhavan is located on the westmost tip of Dona Paula. on the road resulting in this place lies the ruins of the little military burial site land engineered at their transient occupation of the Cabo, to discourage the French from the invasive state.

Miramar Beach

Miramar is sort of a part of Panaji. it’s one in every of the foremost widespread beaches. If you want to observe the sunset from Panaji then the simplest location would be this beach, which is fifteen minutes’ walk on the riverfront avenue referred to as Dayanand Bandodker Marg.

Anjuna Beach

The Anjuna band plays for the beach party in the dark. Palm trees stand static within the heated air. To the east could be a mountain. If you wish to come to civilization, climb the mountain to urge to Baga wherever you’ll be able to catch a ferry out. This is the province Freak capital of the globe.

Anjuna, eighteen km from Panaji could be a widespread beach space adjacent to Chapora fort- it absolutely was the haunt of the flower generation within the sixties – and remains popular the younger generation. In Anjuna, there’s brilliant city mansion in-built 1920, flanked by polygonal shape towers and enticing Mangalore tiled-roof.

Anjuna becomes good of colors. Lines of vehicles choked with tourists begin just about raising clouds of mud during this space. Anjuna attracts a weird and rattling assortment of over monks, disobedient ex-hippies, mild lunatics, artists, artisans, seers, searchers, sybarites, and itinerants expatriates United Nations agency unremarkably wouldn’t be seen out of the organic reach of their health-food emporia in the city of London.

Full moon, once the ill-famed parties happen, could be a notably blast to be here if you wish to enjoy carousing delights. solely a Brit would rely on raving about the most beach, however, it’s well worth the walk to the little, protected sliver of sand at South Anjuna wherever the area’s long-run house-renters tend to collect.

Vagator Beach

Goa’s Vagator Beach is one amongst the foremost lovely of the soft golden sand beaches that Goa is known for. Whenever you see an image of a beach usually dotted with palm trees and green water with folks in swimming suit and having fun in the water, you may see all this and far additional within the Vagator beach. This beach is simply like one out of an image postcard.

Vagator is twenty-two km from Panaji. it’s a well-liked beach dominated by Chapora Fort to the north, on its imposing headland and popularly called ‘The Sun petting Beach’. To the south of Vagator is Calangute beach.

The skirt space of the beach is lush inexperienced, dotted with coconut palms, friendly farmhouses, and pictorial Portuguese bungalows. In the north-west corner of the town are the remains of the Chapora fort. The fort is well preserved and offers some splendid views from its ramparts. A 10-minute walk south of the large Vagator is Ozran, additionally called very little Vagator. This finish of the beach is comparatively secluded and contains a row of cafes occupation to the tourists WHO are here throughout the day.

One WHO visits Goa cannot miss the Vagator beach. Vagator may be a fine vacation choice for ocean enthusiasts. it’s a perfect place for folks with little budgets however countless times with them. it’s a horny very little bay between rocky headlands with a series of little beaches with shady palms. Chapora Fort is on a hill at the northern finish. currently, in ruins, the fort stands on the southern bank recently the Chapora watercourse. it absolutely was originally created by Adil sovereign. soon the Mughals and Portuguese used it.

Agonda Beach

Agonda is about 37 km. from Margao. It is a small, picturesque and secluded beach much sought after for its serenity. Goa Agonda beach could be long and lonely, fringed with palms and casuarinas and dominated by an outsized hill to the south. If an individual is trying to find for a few quiet moments, state Agonda beach is that the place to be.

Palolem Beach

Palolem is Goa’s one amongst the foremost stunning and idyllic beach and it’s one.5-kilometre crescent formed beach. The beach lies on the southern lineation of province amidst outstanding natural beauty. The sweeping crescent of white sand is fringed by a shady rim of coconut palms and also the whole beach is hemmed in at either finish by rocky crags.

Palolem is regarding thirty-seven km from Margao. simply west of Chaudi one amongst the foremost attractive beaches in province comparatively deserted, with the scenery of Western ghats, settled in Southern Taluka of Canacona. It is relatively quick rising as a well-liked spot for day-trippers from Colva and Calangute. several travelers drift down from the northern beaches to paydays, weeks or maybe months chilling out here. there’s little development and it’s very at ease. Most accommodation is in straightforward, wobbly beach buts or villager’s homes, with one or two of additional solid guesthouses scattered around.

Palolem Village is snuggled within the palms backed from the beach. With the big inflow of tourists to the Northern beaches and also the resultant increasing commercialization of those places. Palolem fits the bill and in recent years, additional and more tourists are creating a path for this palm-fringed golden beach.

Baga Beach Goa

Goa Baga beach is the associate choice for people who wish to be removed from the hustle-bustle found on the opposite beaches. Baga beach in state appearance as if it’s wake up out of a painting. majestic white waves speeding to wipe out the feet imprints left by you on the brown…

Candolim Beach Goa

Goa Candolim beach comes as a perfect beach for those that are slowly obtaining uninterested in the jammed beaches of Calangute or Anjuna. tho’ tourists very often frequent Candolim beach, you’ll still realize some quiet places for yourself. If you wish to do your hand at fishing, you’re welcome to try to this too.

South Goa:

  1. Baina Beach
  2. Arossim Beach
  3. Majorda Beach
  4. Colva Beach
  5. Benaulim Beach
  6. Varca Beach
  7. Cavelossim Beach
  8. Mobor Beach
  9. Cabo De Rama Fort
  10. Agonda Beach
  11. Butterfly Beach
  12. Colomb Beach
  13. Patnem Beach

North Goa:

  1. Arvalem Waterfalls
  2. Bicholim Lake
  3. The Church of Our Lady of Immaculate ConceptionMangueshi Temple
  4. Siridao Beach
  5. Miramar Beach
  6. Dona Paula
  7. Goa Museum
  8. Cocoa Beach
  9. Sinquerim Beach
  10. Fort Aguada Rd
  11. Candolim Beach
  12. Calangute Beach
  13. Baga Beach
  14. Mae De Deus Church
  15. Curlies
  16. Anjuna Beach
  17. Ozran Beach
  18. Vagator Beach
  19. Chapora Beach
  20. Shri Deva Bodgeshwar Sansthan
  21. Mapusa
  22. Chapora Fort
  23. Morjim Beach
  24. Ashwem Beach
  25. Mandrem Beach Resort
  26. Kalacha Beach
  27. Arambol Beach
  28. Querim Beach




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