A life sanctuary could be a present sanctuary, like Associate in Nursing island, that has protection for species from searching, predation, competition or poaching; it’s a protected space, a geographic territory among that life is protected. Refuges will preserve animals that are vulnerable.


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  1. Wildlife – Bharatpur wildlife park
  2. Kanha National Park
  3.  Gharial SanctuaryArrive at Delhi.


Day 01: Arrive Delhi

Arrive at Delhi. You will be met on arrival and transferred to the Hotel for an overnight stay.

Day 02: Delhi – Bharatpur

Morning drive to Bharatpur (approx 215 kilometers about 5 hours drive) Check-in at your hotel for three nights. Enjoy Half-day birding to the National Park by rickshaw and walk. The Keoladeo National Park, Bharatpur is a World Heritage Site. Located in eastern Rajasthan (50 km from Agra), it was artificially created by a planned system of canals, embankments, and sluices, as private wildfowl shooting preserves by the Maharaja of Bharatpur in the 1850s. Now a National Park, Keoladeo attracts thousands of migratory birds during the winter months, which fly in from Central Asia, Siberia or China to escape the severe cold and restricted daylight hours of their homelands. It is one of the finest waterfowl reserves in the world: over 350 species of birds have been spotted here. October to February is the recommended period for visiting Keoladeo as the park fills up with the migratory birds. August-October breeding season is also interesting.

Day 03: Bharatpur

Enjoy full day birding to the National Park by rickshaw and walk. Overnight stay at the hotel.

Day 04: Bharatpur

Morning birding at Bund Bartha. Later birding at the sanctuary. Overnight stay at the hotel.

Day 05: Bharatpur – Chambal

Early morning drive to Chambal (approx 70 kilometers about 3 hours drive) Check in to your hotel for two nights. Enjoy a boat safari at Chambal River later in the afternoon. Overnight stay at the hotel.

Day 06: Chambal

Enjoy a boat safari at Chambal River. The Chambal River was declared a Gharial Sanctuary during 1978-79 by the M.P. Government, with an aim to provide a fully protected habitat for the conservation and propagation of the highly endangered Crocodilian species and other aquatic animals. The National Chambal Sanctuary is the longest river Sanctuary and holds the best Gharial population in the country. The Chambal has been often in association with the ravines of the districts of Morena and Bhind. These are a contributory factor for the development of tourism in this region. The ravines will fascinate and enthrall the tourist they will find many attractions so far as river Chambal and the Chambal area is concerned.

Day 07: Chambal – Agra – Jabalpur

Early morning drive from Chambal to Agra (approx 80 kilometers about 2 hours drive) Check-in at your hotel where the day room is booked for you. Enjoy a sightseeing of the city in the afternoon. (Including Taj Mahal and Agra Fort) Note: Taj Mahal is closed on Fridays A sprawling industrial town, Agra is situated 204 kilometers from Delhi. Agra was established in 1475 by Badal Singh and came into its own when Sikander Lodhi of the Lodhi dynasty chose it for his capital because of its proximity to the Yamuna. Babur defeated the Lodhis to capture not only Agra but also to lay the foundation of the Mughal Empire. Places of interest in Agra include the most extravagant monument, Taj Mahal and Agra Fort. Later on transfer to Agra Railway Station for overnight train to Jabalpur – 2412 Gondwana Express – 1850 / 0715 – (Second Class Air Condition Sleeper)

Day 08: Jabalpur – Kanha

Arrive Jabalpur at 0715. On arrival, you will be taken to the Hotel for breakfast. Later on, drive to Kanha (approx 158 kilometers about 4 hours drive) Check-in at Resort for three nights. Afternoon enjoys a game drive to the National Park by jeep.

Day 09-10:  Kanha

Enjoy morning and afternoon game drives to the parkland by jeep. Kanha is one of India’s largest and most remote national parks, covering 1945 sq kilometers of forest and gently arboreous grasslands. an in-depth network of rivers and streams supports it. The setting of Kipling’s “Jungle Book”, Kanha parkland has a superb kind of life as well as Leopards, Chital, Sambar, 3 stripy palm squirrel, common catarrhine, jackal, wild pig, chital or noticed ruminant, Barasingha or swamp ruminant, (The park is that the sole environment of the rare hardground Barasingha), Black bug. Indian Hare, Cuon alpinus or Indian canine, muntjac, Indian bovid or Bibos gaurus, Indian Fox, sloth bear, Hyaena hyaena, Jungle Cat, Panther, Mouse Deer, Chausingha or four-horned bovid, Boselaphus tragocamelus or nylghau, Ratel, Indian gnawing animal, wolf, Chinkara, Indian eutherian, the sleek Indian otter, tiny Indian viverrine mammal. And most magnificently, the tiger. It’s potential to form elephant-back excursions into the park within the early morning and evening to determine tigers. though life is often seen throughout the season, sightings increase throughout the warmer months of March and Gregorian calendar month, as a result of the animals move out of the tree cowl in search of water. The park is closed from July to October.

Day 11: Kanha – Nagpur – Delhi

We go on a morning game drive by jeep. After lunch drive from Kanha to Nagpur for flight to Delhi, Arrive Delhi you will be met on arrival and transferred to Hotel for overnight stay You will be met on arrival and transferred to Hotel for wash and change.

Day 12: Delhi Drop

After Breakfast, you will be transferred to Delhi International Airport for your flight back home.

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